These academic centers help students and faculty advance their studies and refine their skills in particular areas of theological studies and ministry practice.

Bevin Center for Mission Mobilization

Connecting the classroom to the unbelieving world by training and mobilizing students to be relentless in evangelism, committed to missions, and deployed in church planting.

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Jenkins Center for a Christian Understanding of Islam

Establishing a scholarly Christian understanding of the many strands of Islam in order to boldly and respectfully proclaim the gospel to our Muslim neighbors to the ends of the earth.

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Mathena Center for Church Revitalization

Providing pastoral resources and training to help pastors in the work of recovering and revitalizing the most at-risk churches in the Southern Baptist Convention.

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Carl F.H. Henry Institute for Evangelical Engagement

Engaging the church and the broader culture from a theological worldview and posture. It is our desire to speak wisdom in a confused age, to offer what Henry called “true Christian hope that is Christological in its foundation.”

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Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies

Promoting the study of Baptist history as well as theological reflection on the contemporary significance of that history.

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Institute for Biblical Worship

Articulating the message of the gospel through the corporate worship gathering by training the next generation of worship pastors and fostering a community of scholars and worship practitioners for the glory of God.

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Dehoney Center for Urban Ministry Training

Facilitating training opportunities for students preparing for urban ministry and promoting healthy local church growth that reach cities for Christ.

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Center for Christian Apologetics

We seek to equip believers to defend the historic, orthodox Christian faith with an emphasis on apologetics as a theological discipline.

Purpose of the Center
The purpose of a Center for Christian Apologetics would be:

  1. to equip believers to defend the historic, orthodox Christian faith with an emphasis on apologetics as theological discipline.
  2. to provide opportunities for students to learn from leading apologists.
  3. to establish The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as the leading institution for the study of apologetics among believers who recognize the primacy and centrality of biblical inerrancy.

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